Why I chose the name, Dialysis of Healing:

The name is in honor of my spouse, a nephrology expert in this country who dialyzed patients everyday. This is someone who could explain the process, hold scared hands, and comfort scared families to such a degree that the care that was received became part of the healing itself. As dialysis was explained to me, it means:  the cleansing of cells — the vital blood force that circulates through your body to the degree that it enables health.  Dialysis allows patients with failing kidneys to get rid of the toxins — giving them a chance to live productive lives.

Given the fact that my spouse was an expert at saving lives through dialysis, I find it ironic that cancer — the one disease that dialysis couldn’t touch, is the one that ended this life. Cancer– a disease that attacks and moves through the body making it impossible to remove the toxic cells through dialysis.

Our family was intensely loved. Our children were cherished. Our lives were made better by the character and devotion of my spouse. The Dialysis of Healing describes the passion and life force that was brought to the world. The name honors an incredible life.

This blog is an open forum to share ideas, heartache, and brilliance, in any area of healing.  I welcome your comments and feedback.  We are in this together.  Our community starts now.

What are your thoughts?

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